​​​​​​​Our volunteer leaders make Young Life, WyldLife, and Capernaum possible in Carmel.  These leaders are full-time students or working professionals that give their time each week to be with kids. 

An important part of our committment to kids is how we keep kids safe. Our staff and volunteer leaders know they are responsible for modeling lives of hope and integrity.  Young Life's Human Resources department has developed missionwide policies and procedures to ensure that kids are protected when they are with Young Life leaders and when kids are part of Young Life's sponsored activities.​​​​​​

Young Life Leaders
Connor Bradley
Jess Bradley
Nathan Bruns
Nate Dixon
Kayla Fortner
Kelsey Futter
Derek Moser
Chris Panyard
Kylie Panyard

WyldLife Leaders

Clay Middle School:
Es Saldana
Maddie Huser
Mea McCormack
Kate Reinke
Hannah Nist
Claire Given
Cara Sadjyk
Anika Antony
Jake Pitz
Ellie Harrington
Ali Orme
Elizabeth Hargis
Joey Hawkins
Marissa Kepler

Carmel Middle School:
Maggie Huffer
Lily Roskam
Tim Metken
Mallory Cole
Scott Hine
Ellie Langeman

Creekside Middle School:
Kiley Miller
Lexie Hayes
Megan Kamm
Gracie Curtis

Interested in becoming a leader?  Let us know! ​

Leaders at Summer Camp

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Young Life Leaders
John Balmat
Connor Bradley
Jess Bradley
Nathan Bruns
Nate Dixon
Kaitlyn Enderle
Kelsey Futter
Bailey Howell
TC Knipp
Kendall McQuay
Derek Moser
Allee Overmyer​
Allie Weir

Cap​ernaum Leaders
Rachael Klippel
Craig Maude
Abby Klippel
Bryn Walker
Gracie Hamilton
Jimmy Sperandio
Molly Hartman

WyldLife Leaders
Izabelle Black
Riley Deam
Alex DeHeer
Alex Dickerson
Audrey Gleason
Elle Hawkins
Claire Heger
Maggie Huffer
Audrey King
Mylene Laughlin
Kiley Miller
Molly Neterer
Mike Pitz
Katie Smelko
Jimmy Sperandio
Natalie Wheeler

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